A Bedtime Story from a Mom

by Michele

Once upon a time there was a person called Kama, she lived a life and died. When Kama died, as happens with everyone, her Physical Body disintegrated and disappeared. She was then left with what is called the Desire Body; that part of her being where the sensation for comfort and pleasure comes from. When she was alive, like many people, she craved pleasures and comforts in all forms – a big house, fancy car, designer clothes, and parties with lavish food, many friends, and alcohol. Now that she was dead, her Desire Body still longed for these pleasures but had no way to satisfy them because they are only able to be gratified while there is a Physical Body in a Physical World. This is what is called Purgatory in Christianity. It is very uncomfortable to have a desire and not be able to quench that thirst for it. (Think about when you have a craving for something and how that aching stays until you satisfy it or are distracted by something else). Now, cravings for sugar, food, and stuff are one thing and should be limited while alive, but alcohol (or drugs) is another. They seem to carry with them a more concentrated passion – they create a stronger link. So, when Kama felt her desire for alcohol she went to look for a way to quench this thirst. She located places where drink could be found and she would attach, blend or push herself (in her Desire Body) onto people who were drinking or those who even just had a proximity to alcohol, thereby sharing the low pleasure to which these people still living in the Physical World surrendered themselves. Gremlin-like energies, evil elementals by another name, will also cluster around the thoughts of those who drink, even when they are not drinking. These elementals attract to themselves from the surrounding atmosphere of the Desire World other gross particles given off from other drunken and reckless people in the Physical World. Under all these influences, the Physical Bodies of those who drink become coarser and degrading.

Now for Kama this is fine, sort of … it is a frustrating way to live out that part of the Life Cycle and will actually extend the time period spent in the Desire World, for she will be unable to move forward until she has broken the attachments to these desires. What is waiting for most after the dissolution of the Desire Body is – Devachan (or Heaven) where there is true bliss until the next incarnation.

The real problem is for young Nej, who like Kama, started out as a happy go-lucky person with great aspirations, but who will be weighed down by these desires if he lets them slowly and insidiously grow within. Because this heaviness will tend to sneak up on him, he will not even see a problem with it until there comes time to aspire to the extra-ordinary side of life. Then he will find that he no longer has the Will Power to do anything but be ordinary. His thinking, and therefore his actions, will no longer spontaneously be selfless; they will become more and more selfish, self-serving to feed this Desire Body because it is a universal law of vibrations that like attracts like. And it will happen unconsciously, in what seems like a blink of an eye. He will try to remember what his mama tried to teach him; but he will no longer have the energy to care. And when this happens he will find a way to make that feeling go away or replace it with something seemingly pleasurable and in so doing he will justify his current actions. What Nej does not realize is that Life seems easy now; he is sure he has the power to undo any misdeed. But Life will get harder, it always does, and he may no longer be able to find the strength and depth to rise above the difficulties. He will suffer needlessly and this will break his mama’s heart.